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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Topics of my Unpublished Posts

In the previous month, I would have posted about the following news.
I may post additional comments on some of those topics later… or not.

. David Lynch's new film, INLAND EMPIRE, is not ready for Cannes Film Festival. So disappointed :( !
. They're back! Yep, Radiohead are back!!! (And Arpeggi is da bomb!) I'll finish this item with a fresh comment from "… and this is reason number 28 why Radiohead are miles above their peers."
. [Details] Thom Yorke's got a big surprise for us all: it's called The Eraser, it's coming as soon as July 10th, and I'm more than excited :) !
. Apple has just unveiled its brand new MacBook. As always, a stunning computer: very affordable, fully loaded with software and "gadgets", sporting a new+sleak design, etc. The perfect laptop for Mac users and… for former PC aficionados too ;) !
. Oh, and Apple also slightly revised its MacBook Pro: more power, more choice, same price!
. Also, Björk announced her new Surrounded box set: all her albums with 5.1 digital sound, videos, bonus, everything.
. At last, Flickr's interface has just been drastically revised, for the better. Sweet!

Voilà… I may have forgotten some items: they'll be added later, or covered in a future post.

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